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Boys basketball schedule – Lackawanna League Division 2

The Lackawanna League Division 2 boys basketball schedule includes 13 games for each of the 5 teams – Delaware Valley, Honesdale, North Pocono, Wallenpaupack and Western Wayne.

Each division team plays home-and-home against its division rivals and also plays a single game against each Division 1 team. The Division 1 teams are Abington Heights, Scranton, Scranton Prep, Valley View and West Scranton.

The games against Division 1 opponents count in the standings as part of the win-loss record used to determine the champion.

Jan. 3HonesdaleWestern Wayne
Jan. 3Delaware ValleyNorth Pocono
Jan. 3Valley ViewWallenpaupack
Jan. 6HonesdaleNorth Pocono
Jan. 6WallenpaupackDelaware Valley
Jan. 6Western WayneWest Scranton
Jan. 10Delaware ValleyHonesdale
Jan. 10WallenpaupackWestern Wayne
Jan. 10North PoconoScranton Prep
Jan. 13HonesdaleWallenpaupack
Jan. 13Western WayneNorth Pocono
Jan. 13Abington HeightsDelaware Valley
Jan. 17WallenpaupackNorth Pocono
Jan. 17Delaware ValleyWest Scranton
Jan. 17Abington HeightsWestern Wayne
Jan. 17ScrantonHonesdale
Jan. 20Delaware ValleyWestern Wayne
Jan. 20Valley ViewHonesdale
Jan. 20North PoconoScranton
Jan. 20WallenpaupackScranton Prep
Jan. 24North PoconoDelaware Valley
Jan. 24HonesdaleAbington Heights
Jan. 24ScrantonWallenpaupack
Jan. 24Western WayneValley View
Jan. 27 HonesdaleDelaware Valley
Jan. 27 Western WayneWallenpaupack
Jan. 27 West ScrantonNorth Pocono
Jan. 31WallenpaupackHonesdale
Jan. 31North PoconoAbington Heights
Jan. 31Delaware ValleyValley View
Jan. 31Scranton PrepWestern Wayne
Feb. 3North PoconoWestern Wayne
Feb. 3Delaware ValleyWallenpaupack
Feb. 3West ScrantonHonesdale
Feb. 7Western WayneDelaware Valley
Feb. 7WallenpaupackWest Scranton
Feb. 7Valley ViewNorth Pocono
Feb. 7HonesdaleScranton Prep
Feb. 10North PoconoHonesdale
Feb. 10Scranton PrepDelaware valley
Feb. 10WallenpaupackAbington Heights
Feb. 10Western WayneScranton
Feb. 14Western WayneHonesdale
Feb. 14North PoconoWallenpaupack
Feb. 14ScrantonDelaware Valley

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