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Championships allow Montrose, Holy Redeemer teams to move up

Holy Redeemer and Montrose each captured boys and girls District 2 championships, allowing all four teams to move up in the Century Dental Associates Cross Country Power Rankings of District 2 teams.

The latest rankings were released late Monday night and are the next-to-last of the season.

With two pairs of teams going head-to-head in both boys and girls and five boys and five girls teams all running the same course during Saturday’s Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association Championships in Hershey, the teams will be ranked one last time following the state meet.

Holy Redeemer won both Class 2A titles at last week’s District 2 Championships while Montrose won both Class A titles.

The Holy Redeemer girls moved up from third to second while the school’s boys team climbed from sixth to third.

Both Montrose teams gained one position, leaving the girls fourth and the boys fifth.

Both Dallas teams also gained ground in this week’s rankings along with the Mid Valley and Blue Ridge boys and the Lake-Lehman girls.

Delaware Valley’s girls joined the rankings.

The North Pocono boys and Crestwood girls followed up unbeaten conference championship seasons with district titles to hold on to first place.

Abington Heights remained second in the boys rankings.

Lakeland dropped out of the girls rankings.

The rankings, with records, district finish and previous positions:



RankSchoolRecordDistrictLast Rank
  1.North Pocono23-01st in 3A  1
  2.Abington Heights22-12nd in 3A  2
  3.Holy Redeemer14-21st in 2A  6
  4.Montrose20-31st in A  5
  5.Lake-Lehman15-12nd in 2A  4
  6.Crestwood15-13rd in 2A  3
  7.Mid Valley19-44th in 2A  9
  8.Dallas13-35th in 2A10
  9.Scranton Prep20-36th in 2A  7
10.Honesdale19-47th in 2A  8
11.Blue Ridge15-82nd in A12
12.Berwick13-38th in 2A11


RankSchoolRecordDistrictLast Rank
  1.Crestwood16-01st in 3A  1
  2.Holy Redeemer15-11st in 2A  3
  3.Montrose21-21st in A  5
  4.Abington Heights23-02nd in 3A  2
  5.Dallas13-32nd in 2A  9
  6.Honesdale21-24th in 2A  4
  7.Valley View20-33rd in 2A  6
  8.North Pocono19-45th in 2A  7
  9.Lake-Lehman12-46th in 2A11
10.Scranton19-44th in 3A  8
11.Delaware Valley13-103rd in 3ANR
12.Hazleton Area14-26th in 3A10

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