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PHOTO: Madison Dewees heads for the finish line as the anchor of the clinching 1600-meter relay win that lifted Holy Redeemer to the girls team title. (Zachary Allen)

By Tom Robinson,

MOSCOW – Periodic updates from Monday’s action in the District 2 Class 2A Track and Field Championships at North Pocono Middle School.


In a rarity for District 2 track on the Class 2A level, there was only one additional state qualifier by meeting the state standard.

Tatum Norris from Susquehanna made it to the May 28 Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association Class 2A Track and Field Championships at Shippensburg University with her time of 11.14 in the 100-meter dash.

All sprinters who run 11.30 or better in Class 2A girls make the state meet.

The rest of District 2’s state qualifiers were from the predetermined allotment of two boys and one girls from each event. In two cases (see below), third-place finishers are replacing second-place boys finishers who have scratched an event at the state meet to concentrate on others.


The top two finishers in each boys event qualified for the May 28 Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association Championships.

Others could have made it to Shippensburg University for the state championship if they met state qualifying standards, but none were able to do so.

There are two third-place finishers who will be going. They replace athletes who scratched out of one event to concentrate elsewhere.

Jack Lynett from Scranton Prep, who set a meet record with a 14-2 pole vault, scratched from the state triple jump after finishing second in the district.

Nanticoke’s Sincere Shiloh will take Lynett’s place.

Mid Valley’s Kyle Marcinkevich will not run the 200 in Shippensburg.

Blue Ridge’s Gerald Welsted takes his place.

Marcinkevich will compete in the 400 meters and 1600 relay after getting district titles in those events.



                Team standings: Holy Redeemer (HR) 91, Lake-Lehman (LL) 89 1/3; Riverside (Riv) 63; Lakeland 45 1/3; Western Wayne (WW) 39; Montrose (M) 39; Wyoming Area (WA) 34; Holy Cross (HC) 31; Susquehanna (S) 24; Carbondale (CA) 18; Northwest (NW) 17 1/3; Mid Valley (MV) 17; Elk Lake (17), Mountain View (MtV) 16; Lackawanna Trail (LT) 9, Dunmore (D) 8.

100: Tangi Smith (M) 12.56; Tatum Norris (S) 12.64; Tasha Mihalko (LL) 12.84; Abby Springer (D) 12.93; Karissa Spade (HR) 13.00; Adreanna Cunningham (WA) 13.08.

200: Tangi Smith (M) 26.27; Tatum Norris (S) 26.29; Isabella Granteed (HR) 26.71; Abby Springer (D) 26.91; Karissa Spade (HR) 27.56; Eva Carachilo (HC) 27.62.

400: Rachel Korty (CA) 1:00.86; Eva Carachilo (HC) 1:01.83; Madison Dewees (HR) 1:02.05; Stephanie Summerville (M) 1:02.83; Lexie Marcinkowski (HR) 1:03.38; Makayla Wagner (EL) 1:03.54.

                800: Skylar Arendt (L) 2:21.90; Rachel Korty (CA) 2:22.31; Anna Capaci (HR) 2:23.46; Grace O’Donnell (LL) 2:28.91; Madison Dewees (HR) 2:32.20; Samara Campenni (WA) 2:33.85.

                1600: Krista Jones (EL) 5:18.78; Carissa Flynn (MtV) 5:26.68; Lacey Danilovitz (Riv) 5:27.33; Lexie Marcinkowski (HR) 5:33.51; Anna Capaci (HR) 5:35.95; Madison Kammer (WW) 5:37.34.

                3200: Lacey Danilovitz (Riv) 12:01.20; Carissa Flynn (MtV) 12:03.27; Kaitlyn Farrell (HC) 12:04.45; Hailey Estus (WW) 12:23.80; Aubriana Marranca (WA) 12:38.75; Frankie Basalyga IHR) 12:43.61.

100 hurdles: Avery Meredick (Riv) 16.18; Lizzy Blaski (LL) 16.25; Victoria Zuletvicz (NW) 16.77; Lydia Vivian (LL) 17.25; Madison O’Donnell (L) 17.62; Ella Dougher (WW) 18.40.

                300 hurdles: Avery Meredick (Riv) 47.98; Lizzy Blaski (LL) 48.18; Kalee Raczkowski (LL) 49.46; Kyra Hayden (HR) 50.13; Sofia Gonzales (WA) 51.45; Molly White (HC) 51.65.

                400 relay: Lake-Lehman (Autumn Palka, Gabby Shonis, Keera Naugle, Tasha Mihalko) 50.85; Holy Redeemer 51.15; Montrose 51.82; Western Wayne 52.50; Wyoming Area 53.22; Riverside 53.44.

                1600 relay: Holy Redeemer (Lauren Kane, Lexie Marcinkowski, Anna Capaci, Madison Dewees) 4:11.90; Montrose 4:17.02; Lake-Lehman 4:20.91; Lakeland 4:21.92; Elk Lake 4:23.42; Western Wayne 4:24.82.

                3200 relay: Holy Redeemer (Lauren Kane, Lexie Marcinkowski, Madison Dewees, Ann Capaci) 9:55.17; Lake-Lehman 10:02.33; Western Wayne 10:06.06; Lakeland 10:24.80; Wyoming Area 10:40.96; Montrose 10:51.07.

                Long jump: Madelynn Perfilio (Riv) 16-8 ½; Tasha Mihalko (LL) 16-5 ½; Kalie Quaglia (HR) 16-4; Dannica Wagner (EL) 15-9 ¾; Autumn Palka (LL) 15-4; Eva Carachilo (HC) 15-0 ½.

                Triple jump: Tasha Mihalko (LL) 34-7; Madelyn Perfilio (Riv) 33-11; Kalie Quaglia (HR) 33-6 ¾; Mya Schimelfenig (HC) 32-0; Rosalind Tart (WA) 31-11; Madison O’Donnell (L) 31-2.

                High jump: Molly White (HC) 4-10; Paige Olanovich (Riv) 4-10; Ella Pavlovich (WW) 4-8; tie Elizabeth Pittsman (L), Lydia Vivian (LL) and Samy Schwartz (NW) 4-6.

                Pole vault: Ella Dougher (WW) 10-6; Victoria Zultevicz (NW) 8-6; Sydney Bryla (L) 8-6; tie Amanda McGurk (LL) 8-0 and Anna Wisnewski (WA) 8-0; Lily Kelleher (WA) 8-0.

                Shot put: Gabby Case (L) 31-6 ½; Bethany Burns (Sus) 30-11; Avery Rebar (MV) 30-4; Sydney Rush (HR) 30-2; Ella Axtell (LT) 29-1 ½; Kaelyn Crawford (NW) 28-11.

                Discus: Avery Rebar (MV) 114-4; Sydney Rush (HR) 112-0; Ashtyn Mecca (LT) 105-1; Gabby Case (L) 104-2; Olivia Warholic (L) 99-4; Nadia Toth (LT) 94-11.

                Javelin: Toni Minichello (WA) 112-0; Bianca Pizano (WA) 108-5; Skylar Long (WW) 99-9; Faye Post (LL) 99-2; Sydney Rush (HR) 97-1; Avery Rebar (MV) 96-7.



                Team standings: Mid Valley (MV) 83, Scranton Prep (SP) 62; Wyoming Area (WA) 62; Holy Cross (HC) 53; Dunmore (D) 41; Blue Ridge (BR) 37; Lake-Lehman (LL) 32; Riverside (Riv) 31; Holy Redeemer (HR) 29; Montrose (M) 21; Lakeland (L) 21; Nanticoke (N) 19; Northwest (NW) 18; Carbondale (CA) 15; Western Wayne (WW) 12; Elk Lake (EL) 8; Lackawanna Trail (LT) 8; Susquehanna (S) 4; Hanover Area (HA) 2.

                100: Cristian Buckley (D) 11.05; London Montgomery (SP) 11.14; Gerald Welsted (BR) 11.32; Dominic Palmatier (M) 11.37; Doug Walsh (HC) 11.40; Jon Seamans (L) 11.42.

                200: London Montgomery (SP) 22.50; Kyle Marcinkevich (MV) 22.96; Gerald Welsted (BR) 23.59; Dominic Palmatier (M) 23.68; Justice Shoats (HR) 23.88; Jon Seamans (L) 24.57.

                400: Kyle Marcinkevich (MV) 51.54; Brandon Reed (Riv) 51.82; Zachary Popko (MV) 52.76; Doug Walsh (HC) 53.17; Henry Rogers (M) 53.71; Heath Bowker (BR) 54.24.

                800: Thomas Lee (HC) 2:02.99; Dylan Way (EL) 2:05.08; Ronnie Prislupski (HC) 2:05.09; Casey Weaver (LL) 2:06.24; Derek Pierontoni (NW) 2:06.99; Matthew Korty (CA) 2:07.39.

                1600: Christian Snee (MV) 4:38.88; Michael Branley (WA) 4:40.30; Chandler Longstreth (LL) 4:41.65; Austin Gow (S) 4:45.40; Vincenzo Iacavazzi (MV) 4:46.44; Michael Novak (MV) 4:46.79.

                3200: Chris Hine (HR) 9:35.93; Kevin Jumper (HC) 9:42.13; Nick Hockenbury (LL) 9:59.03; Daniel Danilovitz (Riv) 10:01.00; Michael Branley (WA) 10:10.28; Joseph Cardillo (D) 10:14.14.

                110 hurdles: Dylan Aquino (D) 15.82; Nathan Oliphant (Riv) 15.99; Nathan Zarnowski (MV) 16.20; David Reilly (Dun) 16.35; Chase Nolan (L) 16.82; Usamah Alansari (WA) 18.20.

                300 hurdles: Nico Sciandra (WA) 41.23; Tyler Rozanski (LT) 41.74; Jesse DeLousia (BR) 42.17; Nathan Zarnowski (MV) 42.54; Ryan McAndrew (SP) 42.84; Jesse Rogers (M) 42.87.

                400 relay: Scranton Prep (Sam Castellani, Aden Johnson, Ryan McAndrew, London Montgomery) 44.80; Dunmore 44.99; Wyoming Area 45.11; Lakeland 45.34; Montrose 45.48; Holy Redeemer 46.03.

                1600 relay: Mid Valley (Gabriel Pacyna, Vincenzo Iacavazzi, Zachary Popko, Kyle Marcinkevich). 3:34.03; Montrose 3:35.04; Wyoming Area 3:39.67; Blue Ridge 3:40.92; Northwest 3:42.97; Hanover Area 3:45.68.

                3200 relay: Mid Valley (Christian Snee, Michael Bennici, Zachary Popko, Collin Pacyna) 8:25.64; Holy Cross 8:25.79; Holy Redeemer 8:41.18; Wyoming Area 8:42.99; Scranton Prep 8:51.18; Hanover Area 8:52.12.

                Long jump: Justice Shoats (HR) 21-8 ½; Brandon Reed (Riv) 20-10; Joe Fox (N) 20-9; Doug Walsh (HC) 19-9; Ryan Mills (BR) 19-6; Sam Castellani (BR) 19-3 ¾.

                Triple jump: Ryan Mills (BR) 42-9 ¼; Jack Lynett (SP) 41-0 ½; Sincere Shiloh (N) 40-6 ¼; Pat Bennie (HC) 40-3; Rocco Pizano (WA) 39-6 ¼; Devin Sherwood (BR) 38-4.

                High jump: Hunter Gmiter (NW) 5-11; Bailey Grizzanti (CA) 5-9; Pat Bennie (HC) 5-9; tie Adrian Gonzalas (Riv) 5-7; Sincere Shiloh (N) 5-7; Nathan McAndrew (HC) 5-7.

                Pole vault: Jack Lynett (SP) 14-2; Nick Barillo (WW) 12-9; Bailey Grizzanti (CA) 12-9; Richie Reed (WW) 12-3; Jeremiah Wolo (MV) 11-3; Jacob Birtch (BR) 10-9.

                Shot put: Josh Angelo (MV) 49-5; Drew Mruk (WA) 44-2 ½; Sean Hanley (LL) 43-2 ¾; Jacob Simoson (LL) 43-0 ½; John Pashinski (N) 43-0 ¼; Mason Ormsby (L) 41-0.

                Discus: Lacota Dippre (L) 148-4; Peter Sabia (D) 133-1; Sean Hanley (LL) 131-11; Josh Angelo (MV) 126-2; Casey Williams (L) 123-5; Drew Mruk (WA) 119-11.

                Javelin: Thomas Dickinson (SP) 192-7; Drew Mruk (WA) 175-1; Blaise Sokash-Minnick (WA) 169-6; Liam Reinard (NW) 163-5; Michael Marcella (N) 150-6; Ayden Brendt (SP) 142-11.


Mid Valley won the closing 1600 relay to put an exclamation point on its first district boys track and field championship.

Final team standings leaders:

Mid Valley           83

Scranton Prep    62

Wyoming Area  62

Holy Cross           53

Dunmore             41

Blue Ridge           37

Lake-Lehman     32

Riverside             31

Holy Redeemer 29

Montrose            21

Lakeland              21

MORE: Keep checking back. More news to come.


Holy Redeemer used a win in the closing 1600 relay to rally to the District 2 Class 2A girls team title.

Final team standings leaders:

Holy Redeemer 91

Lake-Lehman     89 1/3

Riverside             63

Lakeland              45 1/3

Western Wayne 39

Montrose            39

Wyoming Area 34

Holy Cross           31


More winners, while waiting for the Holy Redeemer/Lake-Lehman showdown in the closing girls 1600 relay (see previous update) …

Lacey Danilovitz continued a strong and surprising performance by the Riverside girls, winning the 3200.

Holy Redeemer’s Chris Hine was the boys 3200 winner.

Thomas Lee won the 800 for Holy Cross, which just missed a 1-2 finish by one-hundredth of a second. Dylan Way from Elk Lake edged Ronnie Prislupski for second and a berth at the state meet in Shippensburg.

Scranton Prep’s London Montgomery, who earlier finished second in the 100 and anchored a relay win, got the win in the boys 200.

Wyoming Area’s Nico Sciandra won the boys 300 hurdles.


Dramatic finish shaping up to girls team race, while Mid Valley has clinched its first district title in boys.

Lake-Lehman, with a triple jump win from four-event performer Tasha Mihalko, leads by 2 1/3 points going into closing 1600 relay.

Holy Redeemer, which is second in the team standings, is the dominant top seed and prohibitive favorite.

Lake-Lehman is tied for second seed with Lakeland, making second- or third-place finish the most likely.

They will run side-by-side.

If Holy Redeemer wins and Lake-Lehman finishes second, Lake-Lehman wins by one-third of a point.

If Holy Redeemer wins and Lake-Lehman finishes third, Holy Redeemer wins by two-thirds of a point.

Coming up in minutes.


Montrose’s Tangi Smith and Susquehanna’s Tatum Norris finish 1-2 in a sprint for the second time.

Isabella Granteed placing behind them in third to move Holy Redeemer into the lead by two-thirds of a point over Lake-Lehman with three events to go.


More winners …

Mid Valley’s Kyle Marcinkevich edged Riverside’s Brandon Reed, 51.54-51.82, in the 400-meter dash.

Josh Angelo from Mid Valley and Gabby Case from Lakeland win shot put titles.

Carbondale’s Rachel Korty, a Forest City cross country runner who is part of the team on a cooperative sponsorship, won the 400.

Anchor Landon Montgomery helped Scranton Prep pull out a boys 400 relay win in a close race with second-place Dunmore and third-place Wyoming Area.

Lake-Lehman won the girls 400 relay.

Blue Ridge’s Ryan Mills won the boys triple jump.

Riverside’s Avery Meredick completes a sweep of the hurdles, winning by two-tenths of a second in the 300. Lizzy Blaski and Kalee Raczkowski give Lake-Lehman a 2-3 finish.

Western Wayne’s Ella Dougher went two feet higher than the rest of the girls to win the pole vault with 10-6.

Jack Lynett from Scranton Prep set a meet record with a pole vault of 14-2. He went one inch higher than Western Wayne’s Ryan Atcavage in 2017.

From an earlier result, Susquehanna’s Tatum Norris met the state qualifying standard to make it to Shippensburg despite finishing second to Montrose’s Tangi Smith in the 100.

Great team races shaping up at the two-thirds points (12 of 18 events) Boys: Mid Valley 51, Scranton Prep 50, Dunmore 40, Wyoming Area 36 Girls: Lake-Lehman 55 1/3, Holy Redeemer 54, Riverside 35, Western Wayne 34.


Team standings races at the midway point (with 9 of 18 events completed):

Mid Valley leads a tight four-team boys race with 33, followed by Dunmore with 32, Wyoming Area 30 and Scranton Prep 30.

Lake-Lehman has 45 1/3 points for the girls lead over Holy Redeemer and Riverside with 34 each. Western Wayne has 30 and Wyoming Area 25.


Field events kept going during the break on the track, so there are multiple completed events there along with the hurdles and 100s on the track.

Toni Minichello from Wyoming Area won the javelin.

Holy Redeemer’s Justice Shoats won the triple jump.

University of Virginia commit Thomas Dickinson won the javelin by 35 ½ feet.

Molly White from Holy Cross won on a tiebreaker over Paige Olanovich from Riverside after both cleared 5-10 in the high jump.

Madelynn Perfilio from Riverside pulled out a win on her final attempt in the long jump, passing Lake-Lehman’s Tasha Mihalko, who held on to second.

Mid Valley’s Avery Rebar won the discus, meeting the state qualifying standard on her first attempt and having it stand up as a winning throw of 114-4.

The hurdles winners were Avery Meredick from Riverside and Dylan Aquino from Dunmore.

Tangi Smith from Montrose finished strong to edge Susquehanna’s Tatum Norris in the girls 100-meter dash. Smith came from behind to win by eighth-hundredths of a second.

The boys 100 was similarly competitive with Dunmore’s Cristian Buckley beating Scranton Prep’s London Montgomery by nine-hundredths of a second.

Elk Lake’s Krista Jones won the 1600, making it look easy.


The first two field event winners are sophomore boys – Lakeland’s Lacota Dippre by more than 15 feet in the discus and Northwest’s Hunter Gmiter in the high jump.

Qualifying for the 200-meter dash has also been completed.

Reversing their order from the 100, Montrose’s Tangi Smith and Susquehanna’s Tatum Norris are again the top two qualifiers in the 200-meter dash.

Scranton Prep’s London Montgomery, who led qualifying in the 100, also led the 200.

The bottom half of the 3200 girls field is running now, then there will be a break on the track until 5:30. The only way those runners can score points or earn a medal is if they post a time better than the sixth-place finisher in the faster heat coming up this evening.


Class 2A boys is the only category in which the top two finishers in District 2 in every event advance to the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association Championships May 28-29.

Both Class 3As Tuesday and Class 2A girls today get just one automatic qualifier plus anyone else that can beat the state qualifying standard during the district finals.

The extra spot is because District 2 has 20 Class 2A boys teams as opposed to just 17 teams in Class 2A girls.

The first of those state qualifiers have been determined with the completion of the 3200-meter relay.

Holy Redeemer with a team of Lauren Kane, Lexie Marcinkowski, Madison Dewees and Anna Capaci won the girls title. Lake-Lehman was second, but did not qualify for states.

The 3200 boys was about as close as close as the event will ever be contested.

Mid Valley anchor Collin Pacyna started the last leg .096 seconds behind Holy Cross and wound up finishing with a winning margin of .146 seconds.

Christian Snee, Michael Bennici and Zachary Popko handled the first three legs for the Spartans.


More qualifying has been completed on the track where the girls 3200 relay is now running.

Nathan Zarnowski from Mid Valley in 15.77 and Usamah Alansari from Wyoming Area in 15.87 were the only two to break 16 in the 110 high hurdles qualifying.

Susquehanna’s Tatum Norris and Montrose’s Tangi Smith were the only ones under 13 in the 100 dash. Lake-Lehman’s Natasha Mihalko beat Wyoming Area’s Adreanna Cunningham by one-hundredth of a second for the third seed going into the final.

Scranton Prep’s London Montgomery set the school record while qualifying first in the boys 100 in 10.99 seconds.


The district meet will be scoring for the top six places because it is being run on a six-lane track.

In order, the first- through sixth-place finishers receive teams points of 10-8-6-4-2-1.

An analysis on this website Sunday listed the points differently, but the meet timing service was informed today that the above format is what is being used.

The NEPA Sports Nation analysis was rechecked and, because of the differences in the system are minor, the projections contained there do not change.

For a look at the team race projections, go to:


Qualifying is underway on the track at North Pocono.

Avery Meredick from Riverside led qualifying for the girls 100-meter hurdles in 16.31 seconds. Lake-Lehman is sending two to the finals, Lydia Vivian and Lizzy Blaski.

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