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Girls basketball schedules – Wyoming Valley Division 2

The Wyoming Valley Conference Division 2 girls basketball schedule includes 12 games for each of the 7 teams – Hanover Area, Holy Redeemer, Lake-Lehman, MMI Prep, Nanticoke, Wyoming Area and Wyoming Seminary.

Each division team plays home-and-home against all of its division rivals.

Dec. 21NanticokeWyoming Seminary
Dec. 21Wyoming AreaMMI Prep
Dec. 21Hanover AreaHoly Redeemer
Jan. 3Holy RedeemerLake-Lehman
Jan. 3MMI PrepNanticoke
Jan. 3Wyoming SeminaryHanover Area
Jan. 5Holy RedeemerMMI Prep
Jan. 5Lake-LehmanWyoming Area
Jan. 5Hanover AreaNanticoke
Jan. 9NanticokeLake-Lehman
Jan. 9Wyoming AreaHoly Redeemer
Jan. 9MMI PrepWyoming Seminary
Jan. 12Hanover AreaMMI Prep
Jan. 12NanticokeWyoming Area
Jan. 12Lake-LehmanWyoming Seminary
Jan. 16Wyoming SeminaryHoly Redeemer
Jan. 16Wyoming AreaHanover Area
Jan. 16MMI PrepLake-Lehman
Jan. 18Wyoming SeminaryWyoming Area
Jan. 18Holy RedeemerNanticoke
Jan. 18Lake-LehmanHanover Area
Jan. 20Wyoming SeminaryNanticoke
Jan. 20MMI PrepWyoming Area
Jan. 20Lake-LehmanHanover Area
Jan. 23Lake-LehmanHoly Redeemer
Jan. 23NanticokeMMI Prep
Jan. 23Hanover AreaWyoming Seminary
Jan. 26MMI PrepHoly Redeemer
Jan. 26Wyoming AreaLake-Lehman
Jan. 30Holy RedeemerWyoming Area
Jan. 30Wyoming SeminaryMMI Prep
Feb. 2MMI PrepHanover Area
Feb. 2Wyoming AreaNanticoke
Feb. 2Wyoming SeminaryLake-Lehman
Feb. 6Holy Redeemer.Wyoming Seminary
Feb. 6Hanover AreaWyoming Area
Feb. 6Lake-LehmanMMI Prep
Feb. 8Wyoming AreaWyoming Seminary
Feb. 8NanticokeHoly Redeemer
Feb. 8Hanover AreaLake-Lehman

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