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Scranton teams, Crestwood boys make major moves in rankings

Scranton used a strong performance in the season-opening Cliff Robbins Sr. Memorial Races and a sweep of its three opponents in the first Lackawanna League cluster meet to not only join the rankings, but shoot all the way up to the third spot in the Century Dental Associates Cross Country Power Rankings of District 2 teams.

The first in-season rankings update was posted Saturday morning.

Although there is no official team scoring at the Robbins meet, Scranton and Crestwood were the two most impressive teams in a very balanced boys race.

The Comets used that effort to jump from seventh to second. Berwick also did well at the meet and climbed from 11th to fifth.

The Abington Heights boys and Crestwood girls remain as the No. 1 teams, but there are major changes to the rankings following the first large invitationals the first cluster meet for all Lackawanna teams and one cluster meet within the Wyoming Valley Conference.

Honesdale, Berwick and Scranton Prep also moved up while Holy Cross moved into the boys rankings.

Elk Lake and Scranton moved up while the Wallenpaupack and Scranton Prep moved into the girls rankings.

The Blue Ridge and Dunmore boys, as well as the North Pocono and Valley View girls, fell from the rankings after being listed in the preseason.

Similar to the boys team, the Scranton girls made the biggest climb after running well at the Robbins Meet and winning three times in the league opener.

The full rankings, with records and preseason rankings:



  1Abington Heights  3-0  1
  2Crestwood  0-0  7
  3Scranton  3-0NR
  4Honesdale  2-110
  5Berwick  0-011
  6Holy Redeemer  3-0  3
  7Scranton Prep  3-0  8
  8Dallas  0-0  6
  9Lake-Lehman  0-0  5
10North Pocono  2-1  2
11Montrose  3-0  4
12Holy Cross  3-0NR


  1Crestwood  0-0  1
  2Montrose  3-0  2
  3Abington Heights  3-0  3
  4Dallas  0-0  4
  5Elk Lake  3-0  8
  6Scranton  3-012
  7Lake-Lehman  0-0  6
  8Holy Redeemer  3-0  5
  9Honesdale  2-1  7
10Wallenpaupack  2-1NR
11Scranton Prep  3-0NR
12Delaware Valley  2-1  9

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