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Boys basketball schedule – Lackawanna League Division 4

The Lackawanna League Division 4 boys basketball schedule includes 12 games with each of the 7 division members – Blue Ridge, Elk Lake, Forest City, Lackawanna Trail, Montrose, Mountain View and Susquehanna – playing all of the others in home-and-home series.

Jan. 3Forest CitySusquehanna
Jan. 3Lackawanna TrailBlue Ridge
Jan. 3Mountain ViewElk Lake
Jan. 6Blue RidgeMountain View
Jan. 6Lackawanna TrailForest City
Jan. 6SusquehannaMontrose
Jan. 10Forest CityMountain View
Jan. 10Blue RidgeElk Lake
Jan. 10MontroseLackawanna Trail
Jan. 13Mountain ViewMontrose
Jan. 13SusquehannaBlue Ridge
Jan. 13Elk LakeLackawanna Trail
Jan. 17SusquehannaMountain View
Jan. 17Blue RidgeForest City
Jan. 17MontroseElk Lake
Jan. 20Lackawanna TrailMountain View
Jan. 20Elk LakeSusquehanna
Jan. 20Forest CityMontrose
Jan. 24Lackawanna TrailSusquehanna
Jan. 24Elk LakeForest City
Jan. 24MontroseBlue Ridge
Jan. 27 SusquehannaForest City
Jan. 27 Blue RidgeLackawanna Trail
Jan. 27 Elk LakeMountain View
Jan. 31Mountain ViewBlue Ridge
Jan. 31Forest CityLackawanna Trail
Jan. 31MontroseSusquehanna
Feb. 3Mountain ViewForest City
Feb. 3Elk LakeBlue Ridge
Feb. 3Lackawanna TrailMontrose
Feb. 7MontroseMountain View
Feb. 7Blue RidgeSusquehanna
Feb. 7Lackawanna TrailElk Lake
Feb. 10Mountain ViewSusquehanna
Feb. 10Forest CityBlue Ridge
Feb. 10Elk LakeMontrose
Feb. 14Mountain ViewLackawanna Trail
Feb. 14SusquehannaElk Lake
Feb. 14MontroseForest City
Feb. 16SusquehannaLackawanna Trail
Feb. 16Forest CityElk Lake
Feb. 16Blue RidgeMontrose

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