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Boys basketball schedule – Lackawanna League Division 3

The Lackawanna League Division 3 boys basketball schedule includes 12 games with each of the 7 division members – Carbondale, Dunmore, Holy Cross, Lakeland, Mid Valley, Old Forge and Riverside – playing all of the others home-and-home.

Jan. 3Mid ValleyDunmore
Jan. 3CarbondaleRiverside
Jan. 3Holy CrossOld Forge
Jan. 6RiversideHoly Cross
Jan. 6CarbondaleMid Valley
Jan. 6DunmoreLakeland
Jan. 10Mid ValleyHoly Cross
Jan. 10RiversideOld Forge
Jan. 10LakelandCarbondale
Jan. 13Holy CrossLakeland
Jan. 13DunmoreRiverside
Jan. 13Old ForgeCarbondale
Jan. 17DunmoreHoly Cross
Jan. 17Mid ValleyRiverside
Jan. 17LakelandOld Forge
Jan. 20Holy CrossCarbondale
Jan. 20Old ForgeDunmore
Jan. 20Mid ValleyLakeland
Jan. 24CarbondaleDunmore
Jan. 24Old ForgeMid Valley
Jan. 24LakelandRiverside
Jan. 27 DunmoreMid Valley
Jan. 27 RiversideCarbondale
Jan. 27 Old ForgeHoly Cross
Jan. 31Holy CrossRiverside
Jan. 31Mid ValleyCarbondale
Jan. 31LakelandDunmore
Feb. 3Holy CrossMid Valley
Feb. 3Old ForgeRiverside
Feb. 3CarbondaleLakeland
Feb. 7LakelandHoly Cross
Feb. 7RiversideDunmore
Feb. 7CarbondaleOld Forge
Feb. 10Holy CrossDunmore
Feb. 10RiversideMid Valley
Feb. 10Old ForgeLakeland
Feb. 14CarbondaleHoly Cross
Feb. 14DunmoreOld Forge
Feb. 14LakelandMid Valley
Feb. 16DunmoreCarbondale
Feb. 16Mid ValleyOld Forge
Feb. 16RiversideLakeland

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