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Kenyon, Horne, Natalini end suspense for North Pocono

North Pocono’s 1-2-3 finishers, from left: Caleb Kenyon, Aiden Horne and Mason Natalini.

By Tom Robinson,

NEWTON TWP. – The finish line area at a large cross country meet can be surrounded by confusion and anxiety as scores are sorted out.

Coaches, team volunteers and media members can position themselves at the finish and record unofficial placements and often make quality estimates of results. Even then, however, there is usually uncertainty because of the possibility that one mistake or one misidentified runner can significantly alter the results, leaving even winners often waiting for the confirmation of scores, which can take even longer at meets that are hand-scored.

In dual-meet competition, however, there is a simple way to eliminate the uncertainty.

Grab the first three place finishes and there is no mathematical way for a team to lose.

That is what Caleb Kenyon, Aiden Horne and Mason Natalini provided for the North Pocono boys Tuesday in what probably will ultimately go down as the most important meet of the Lackawanna League cross country season.

North Pocono was facing five opponents in a six-team cluster meet. With dual meet scoring in place, results would need to be separated and the Trojans would be scored against each of those opponents as if they were the only teams in the race.

When Kenyon, Horne and Natalini ran at the front of the field and reached the finish line together in first, second and third, the suspense was effectively over.

By comfortably securing the first three spots out of 69 varsity boys running from six schools, North Pocono knew it therefore had the first three spots in each of the five duals.

The North Pocono trio came in more than 11 seconds before fourth-place finisher Scott Bevilacqua from Lakeland and, more importantly, more than 24 seconds ahead of any of the runners from Abington Heights, another unbeaten team at the start of the day.

It was a result that the teams all knew was possible with North Pocono accomplishing the 1-2-3 finish previously in cluster meets where Abington Heights, North Pocono and Valley View run together each week. Tuesday was the one race each season where travel partners are scored against each other as well as the other “cluster” involved and, therefore, the meet carries more weight than other weeks on the schedule.

Kenyon, Horne and Natalini paced each other to the important finish until exchanged looks indicated an unspoken race was on for the finish line.

“I outleaned him for the win, but we tied for time because our chip was in the same place,” Kenyon said after the electronic timing put him and Horne at identical 17:48.0 finishes on the 3.1-mile Abington Heights Middle School course.

Natalini followed in 17:49.6.

“That’s what we’re going for,” Natalini said, “because our fourth and fifth are back a little bit and Abington Heights is so consistent with its top five that we knew that just to be sure, we had to go 1-2-3.

“Abington Heights almost always has five in the top 10, but we knew if we went 1-2-3, we were sure to win and that’s what we went for.”

The Comets remain dangerous in scoring for larger multi-team meets like the District 2 Class 3A Championships where they are the defending champions. In such meets, the placement of other runners in relation to each team figures into the scoring and even teams that take the first three spots are not guaranteed wins.

For now, however, the 25-31 victory over Abington Heights and Tuesday’s four other wins by margins of between 26 and the maximum 35 points, put North Pocono in a first-place tie with Mid Valley at 14-0.

The Trojans, ranked first among boys in the Century Dental Associates Cross Country Power Rankings of District 2 teams, have the advantage of having potentially cleared their biggest hurdle in beating the No. 2 Comets.

Abington Heights went 4-1 on the day, with each win coming by at least 21 points to improve to 13-1. Tommy Walsh and Gavin Ross led the Comets, placing fifth and sixth.

Valley View was 3-2, Lakeland 2-3, Lackawanna Trail 1-4 and Western Wayne did not have entries and therefore lost to each.


Abington Heights withstood challenges by its cluster partners, posting a 26-29 victory over Valley View and a 26-31 win over North Pocono to go 5-0 and protect the league’s only perfect girls record.

The Comets are second in the Power Rankings and Valley View, which won four times to reach 12-2, is seventh.

Emily Franklin from North Pocono finished first among the girls.

North Pocono, led by individual winner Emily Franklin, went 3-2 for the day.

Lakeland picked up two wins and Lackawanna Trail one.

Western Wayne did not get any wins, but did have second-place finisher Madison Kammer.

Abington Heights won with the combination of Maia Arcangelo in third, Emma Horsley in fifth and Reese Morgan in seventh.

The individual results, the team scores for all the meets decided at Abington Heights Tuesday and the updated records for all the involved teams are below.


North Pocono 25, Abington Heights 31

North Pocono 17, Lakeland 43

North Pocono 17, Valley View 46

North Pocono 17, Lackawanna Trail 46

North Pocono 15, Western Wayne 50

Abington Heights 20, Lakeland 41

Abington Heights 18, Lackawanna Trail 45

Abington Heights 18, Valley View 45

Abington Heights 15, Western Wayne 50

Valley View 28, Lakeland 30

Valley View 20, Lackawanna Trail 41

Valley View 15, Western Wayne 50

Lakeland 21, Lackawanna Trail 38

Lakeland 15, Western Wayne 50

Lackawanna Trail 15, Western Wayne 50


North Pocono14-0
Abington Heights13-1
Lakeland  9-5
Valley View  8-6
Lackawanna Trail  6-8
Western Wayne  0-12


  1.Caleb KenyonNorth Pocono17:48.0
  2.Aiden HorneNorth Pocono17:48.0
  3.Mason NataliniNorth Pocono17:49.6
  4.Scott BevilacquaLakeland18:01.3
  5.Tommy WalshAbington Heights18:13.8
  6.Gavin RossAbington Heights18:16.0
  7.Brayden ClarkeLackawanna Trail18:26.2
  8.Ethan WilliamsValley View18:27.1
  9.Nicholas BoothAbington Heights18:40.6
10.Sean RooneyAbington Heights18:41.5
11.Bruce HainesNorth Pocono18:43.7
12.Alex DuffyAbington Heights19:04.8
13.Jack SorensenAbington Heights19:06.8
14.Noah HainesNorth Pocono19:07.5
15.Thomas RohanLakeland19:23.7
16.Aiden ClarkeNorth Pocono19:25.7
17.Dylan KopaLakeland19:26.0
18.Hamza MirzaAbington Heights19:28.5
19.Colin KravitzNorth Pocono19:49.2
20.Evan BabarskiValley View19:51.6


Abington Heights 26, Valley View 29

Abington Heights 26, North Pocono 31

Abington Heights 20, Lakeland 40

Abington Heights 20, Western Wayne 43

Abington Heights 15, Lackawanna Trail 50

Valley View 26, North Pocono 31

Valley View 21, Lakeland 39

Valley View 20, Western Wayne 43

Valley View 15, Lackawanna Trail 50

North Pocono 22, Lakeland 33

North Pocono 19, Western Wayne 44

North Pocono 15, Lackawanna Trail 50

Lakeland 20, Western Wayne 43

Lakeland 15, Lackawanna Trail 49

Western Wayne 19, Lackawanna Trail 20


Abington Heights14-0
Valley View12-2
North Pocono10-4
Lakeland  9-5
Western Wayne  2-12
Lackawanna Trail  1-13


  1.Emily FranklinNorth Pocono20:53.5
  2.Madison KammerWestern Wayne21:13.7
  3.Maia ArcangeloAbington Heights21:30.0
  4.Kaitlyn NewberryValley View21:48.1
  5.Emma HorsleyAbington Heights22:16.5
  6.Morgan LutzLakeland22:19.1
  7.Reese MorganAbington Heights22:20.7
  8.Gianna GodinoValley View22:24.8
  9.Morgan DavisNorth Pocono22:25.4
10.Samantha AdamsValley View22:32.0
11.Kaitlyn KravitzNorth Pocono22:34.3
12.Olivia JamesLakeland22:47.4
13.Della NoonValley View22:57.5
14.Lauren PoslusznyNorth Pocono23:07.2
15.Casey HealeyAbington Heights23:08.3
16.Chloe StafurskyValley View23:11.3
17.Abby AdamskyAbington Heights23:15.7
18.Paige RedmanValley View23:27.0
19.Sophie BreitenoederAbington Heights23:33.7
20.Emily BlackLakeland23:58.7

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