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Montrose, Honesdale teams climb

Seven teams used 3-0 performances in last week’s cluster meets to move up in the latest Century Dental Associates Cross County Power Rankings of District 2 teams, which were released Monday afternoon.

Both Montrose and Honesdale teams posted three wins in the Lackawanna League and were among those gaining ground from last week’s rankings.

The Valley View, North Pocono and Lake-Lehman girls also used three wins to move up.

Dallas had just two opponents, beating both to also move up in the boys rankings.

The Delaware Valley boys and Lakeland girls used 2-1 efforts to join the rankings.

North Pocono, the only unbeaten team, continues to lead the boys rankings and is again followed in the next three spots by Abington Heights, Crestwood and Lake-Lehman.

Unbeatens Crestwood and Abington Heights remain 1-2 on the girls side.

Montrose swapped places with Holy Redeemer, moving up from fourth to third after Crestwood defeated Holy Redeemer, 17-39, in their meeting of what had been the last two unbeaten teams in the Wyoming Valley Conference.

Dallas and Montrose made the biggest climbs on the boys side, jumping up three spots to fifth and sixth. They are followed by Mid Valley and Berwick, which each lost.

Honesdale’s three wins included beating Mid Valley, which allowed the Hornets to move up two positions to ninth.

Holy Redeemer dropped three places to 10th after a loss to Crestwood in a battle between teams that had been part of a tie for the WVC lead.

Scranton Prep lost two of its three meets and slipped one notch to 11th.

Delaware Valley replaced Lakeland in 12th.

Honesdale, which moved up one spot, is fifth, followed by Valley View and North Pocono, which each moved up two spots.

Scranton slipped from seventh to eighth after a loss to Honesdale.

Hazleton Area dropped from fifth to ninth after losing to Holy Redeemer, 22-39.

Dallas held 10th where it is followed by Lake-Lehman, which climbed a spot.

Lakeland is new to the 12th spot.

Scranton Prep, which had been 11th, dropped out of the rankings after losing its three meets, all against ranked teams.



RankSchoolRecordLast Rank
  1.North Pocono20-0  1
  2.Abington Heights19-1  2
  3.Crestwood12-1  3
  4.Lake-Lehman12-1  4
  5.Dallas  9-1  8
  6.Montrose17-3  9
  7.Mid Valley17-3  5
  8.Berwick11-2  6
10.Holy Redeemer11-2  7
11.Scranton Prep17-310
12.Delaware Valley13-7NR


RankSchoolRecordLast Rank
  1.Crestwood13-0  1
  2.Abington Heights20-0  2
  3.Montrose19-1  4
  4.Holy Redeemer15-1  3
  5.Honesdale18-2  5
  6.Valley View17-3  8
  7.North Pocono16-4  9
  8.Scranton16-4  7
  9.Hazleton Area11-2  5

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