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Short-handed Sem ends softball season

By Tom Robinson,

The Wyoming Seminary season is over and so is what little had remained of the Wyoming Valley Conference Division 2 softball race.

A lack of healthy, available players has led Wyoming Seminary to forfeit its remaining softball games.

The first forfeit, Wednesday’s scheduled game against Holy Redeemer, gave the Lady Royals the division title.

Holy Redeemer had already built a three-game lead in the division race with three games remaining.

The forfeit makes the Lady Royals 10-0 with two games left and the three closest teams behind them in the race all have already lost three times.

District 2 will award a 1-0 forfeit victory to each remaining Wyoming Seminary opponent on the day of the scheduled game.

The Blue Knights were 0-6 in the division and 1-7 overall prior to the first forfeit. They were last in the race for the District 2 Class 3A playoff seeds.

The District 2 Class 3A tournament is now down to six teams, meaning the top two – currently Mid Valley and Holy Redeemer by a wide margin – will receive quarterfinal byes.

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