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Valley View, Holy Cross boys gain ground after improving to 8-1

The Valley View and Holy Cross boys made the biggest moves this week.

Valley View joined the rankings in ninth and Holy Cross moved up two spots to 10th during a week in which the Century Dental Associates Cross Country Power Rankings of District 2 teams began to stabilize.

With teams set to compete in invitationals throughout the early part of the day, the new rankings were released Saturday morning.

The Crusaders made the biggest move within the rankings in a week when eight other teams gained one spot each.

Valley View came in the highest among the three teams that joined the rankings this week.

Both Valley View and Holy Cross posted boys sweeps in Lackawanna League clusters to improve to 8-1. Holy Cross won tight meets with Montrose, Elk Lake and Blue Ridge after Montrose entered the week ranked higher and while Scranton Prep, which had also been ranked higher, lost to two of those teams.

The top three boys teams and top seven girls teams remained the same.

The unbeaten Abington Heights boys and Crestwood girls continue to lead the rankings.

The Abington Heights boys are followed by Scranton and Honesdale.

Holy Redeemer, the last Wyoming Valley Conference unbeaten after topping Pittston Area on the way to 10-0, moved up to fourth.

Pittston Area, Crestwood, Dallas and North Pocono also picked up one spot each into fifth through eighth.

Valley View and Holy Cross are followed by Berwick and Montrose to round out the 12-deep boys rankings.

The top four girls teams – Crestwood, Montrose, Abington Heights and Dallas – are all unbeaten.

Honesdale, Wallenpaupack and Delaware Valley all reached 8-1 with their earlier loss coming against Abington Heights. They held fifth, sixth and seventh.

Scranton, Lake-Lehman and Holy Redeemer climbed one spot each into eighth through 10th. Lake-Lehman had the week off and is the district’s other unbeaten at 3-0 in the WVC.

North Pocono and Valley View posted their second straight sweeps, improving to 6-3 after having been swept by the Honesdale-Wallenpaupack-Delaware Valley combination in the opener, to take over 11th and 12th.

The Scranton boys as well as the Lakeland and Wyoming Area girls fell from the rankings.

The full rankings, with records and previous rankings:



  1Abington Heights  9-0  1
  2Scranton  9-0  2
  3Honesdale  8-1  3
  4Holy Redeemer10-0  5
  5Pittston Area  9-1  6
  6Crestwood  9-1  7
  7Dallas  2-1  8
  8North Pocono  8-1  9
  9Valley View  8-1NR
10Holy Cross  8-112
11Berwick  2-1  4
12Montrose  7-211


  1Crestwood  9-0  1
  2Montrose  9-0  2
  3Abington Heights  9-0  3
  4Dallas  3-0  4
  5Honesdale  8-1  5
  6Wallenpaupack  8-1  6
  7Delaware Valley  8-1  7
  8Scranton  8-1  9
  9Lake-Lehman  3-010
10Holy Redeemer  8-211
11North Pocono  6-3NR
12Valley View  6-3NR

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