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Boys basketball schedules – Wyoming Valley Division 1

The Wyoming Valley Conference Division 1 boys basketball schedule includes 14 games for each of the 8 teams – Berwick, Crestwood, Dallas, Hazleton Area, Pittston Area, Tunkhannock, Wilkes-Barre Area and Wyoming Valley West.

Each division team plays home-and-home against all of its division rivals.

Dec. 20Pittston AreaBerwick
Dec. 22TunkhannockHazleton Area
Dec. 22DallasWilkes-Barre Area
Dec. 22CrestwoodWyoming Valley West
Jan. 4Pittston AreaCrestwood
Jan. 4BerwickHazleton Area
Jan. 4Wilkes-Barre AreaTunkhannock
Jan. 4Wyoming Valley WestDallas
Jan. 6DallasBerwick
Jan. 6TunkhannockCrestwood
Jan. 6Hazleton AreaPittston Area
Jan. 6Wilkes-Barre AreaWyoming Valley West
Jan. 10Pittston AreaWilkes-Barre Area
Jan. 10CrestwoodHazleton Area
Jan. 10DallasTunkhannock
Jan. 10BerwickWyoming Valley West
Jan. 13TunkhannockWyoming Valley West
Jan. 13Hazleton AreaWilkes-Barre Area
Jan. 13BerwickCrestwood
Jan. 13DallasPittston Area
Jan. 17CrestwoodDallas
Jan. 17Wilkes-Barre AreaBerwick
Jan. 17Wyoming Valley WestHazleton Area
Jan. 17Pittston AreaTunkhannock
Jan. 19BerwickTunkhannock
Jan. 19Hazleton AreaDallas
Jan. 19Wilkes-Barre AreaCrestwood
Jan. 19Wyoming Valley WestPittston Area
Jan. 21Wilkes-Barre AreaDallas
Jan. 21Hazleton AreaTunkhannock
Jan. 21BerwickPittston Area
Jan. 21Wyoming Valley WestCrestwood
Jan. 24CrestwoodPittston Area
Jan. 24Hazleton AreaBerwick
Jan. 24TunkhannockWilkes-Barre Area
Jan. 24DallasWyoming Valley West
Jan. 27BerwickDallas
Jan. 27CrestwoodTunkhannock
Jan. 27Pittston AreaHazleton Area
Jan. 27Wyoming Valley WestWilkes-Barre Area
Jan. 31Wilkes-Barre AreaPittston Area
Jan. 31Hazleton AreaCrestwood
Jan. 31TunkhannockDallas
Jan. 31Wyoming Valley WestBerwick
Feb. 3Wyoming Valley WestTunkhannock
Feb. 3Wilkes-Barre AreaHazleton Area
Feb. 3CrestwoodBerwick
Feb. 3Pittston AreaDallas
Feb. 7DallasCrestwood
Feb. 7BerwickWilkes-Barre Area
Feb. 7Hazleton AreaWyoming Valley West
Feb. 7TunkhannockPittston Area
Feb. 9TunkhannockBerwick
Feb. 9DallasHazleton Area
Feb. 9CrestwoodWilkes-Barre Area
Feb. 9Pittston AreaWyoming Valley West

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