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CROSS COUNTRY: 4 teams sweep

Scranton, Abington Heights, Scranton Prep and Holy Cross all opened their Lackawanna League cross country seasons Thursday by going 3-0 in both boys and girls cluster meets.

Host Scranton downed Lakeland, Lackawanna Trail and Western Wayne.

Abington Heights defeated Honesdale, Delaware Valley and Wallenpaupack in a meet at Valley View.

Scranton Prep and Holy Cross both defeated the combination of Dunmore, Old Forge and host Riverside.

Scranton not only won all the team meets, but the Knights also had both individual winners in the meet at Nay Aug Park.

Brian McCormack and Luke Pikulski finished 1-2 for Scranton in the six-team meet that also included West Scranton and Mid Valley.

McCormack followed up his win in the season-opening Cliff Robbins Sr. Memorial Race.

Bella Noreika won the girls race.

The Danilovitz siblings, Daniel and Lacey, each finished first for Riverside on their home course.

Aidan LaTourette finished first and helped Honesdale go 2-1 in the meet at Valley View.

Anna Pucilowski led Abington Heights to victory with her first-place finish in a meet that also included North Pocono.

Dunmore’s Tommy Clark was second at Riverside, followed by the leaders of the two sweeps, Luke Healey from Holy Cross and Vincent O’Malley from Scranton Prep.

Scranton Prep’s Jenna Hillebrand was second among the girls.

Valley View’s Ethan Williams was second on his home course followed by five Abington Heights runners in the next six spots, including Sean Rooney, Nicholas Booth and Alex Duffy in third, fourth and fifth.

Pucilowski, Noreika and Lacey Danilovitz all won by more than a minute.

Delaware Valley’s Ryan O’Connor and North Pocono’s Emily Franklin were second and third behind Pucilowski.

The scores of each of the 53 matchups from the cluster meets:


Abington Heights 22, Honesdale 33

Abington Heights 15, Delaware Valley 48

Abington Heights 15, Wallenpaupack 48

Honesdale 20, North Pocono 40

Honesdale 19, Valley View 44

Valley View 27, Delaware Valley 29

Valley View 25, Wallenpaupack 31

North Pocono 25, Delaware Valley 30

North Pocono 24, Wallenpaupack 33

Scranton Prep 23, Riverside 36

Scranton Prep 23, Dunmore 38

Scranton Prep 15, Old Forge 50

Holy Cross 23, Dunmore 35

Holy Cross 20, Riverside 35

Holy Cross 15, Old Forge 46

Dunmore 15, Carbondale 40

Old Forge 15, Carbondale 45

Riverside 15, Carbondale 50

Scranton 23, Lakeland 32

Scranton 19, Lackawanna Trail 36

Scranton 15, Western Wayne 50

Lackawanna Trail 27, Mid Valley 32

Lackawanna Trail 24, Western Wayne 35

Lakeland 19, West Scranton 40

Lakeland 23, Mid Valley 36

West Scranton 15, Western Wayne 50

Mid Valley 15, Western Wayne 50


Abington Heights 23, Delaware Valley 35

Abington Heights 21, Honesdale 36

Abington Heights 20, Wallenpaupack 37

Honesdale 24, North Pocono 32

Honesdale 21, Valley View 34

Delaware Valley 26, North Pocono 29

Delaware Valley 26, Valley View 31

Wallenpaupack 26, Valley View 31

Wallenpaupack 24, North Pocono 31

Scranton Prep 25, Riverside 34

Scranton Prep 16, Old Forge 47

Scranton Prep 15, Dunmore 50

Holy Cross 29, Riverside 30

Holy Cross 27, Old Forge 29

Holy Cross 15, Dunmore 50

Old Forge 15, Carbondale 50

Riverside 15, Carbondale 50

Scranton 21, Lakeland 35

Scranton 15, Lackawanna Trail 48

Scranton 15, Western Wayne 48

Lakeland 26, Mid Valley 31

Lakeland 19, West Scranton 38

West Scranton 21, Lackawanna Trail 34

West Scranton 20, Western Wayne 35

Mid Valley 12, Western Wayne 24

Mid Valley 11, Lackawanna Trail 25

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